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011 - Royal Canadian Legion's Salute to Veterans at BC Place Stadium

posted Oct 28, 2019, 11:10 PM by NLCC MJ Miller   [ updated Jul 13, 2020, 5:26 PM ]


Thank you to all of you who have shown interest in attending this important event. Here is the Permission Form with timings for this event. Please fill it out completely and bring it with you on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

A couple of things to note: 
  • Parents, please drop off your Cadet and stay until they are signed in inspected.
    If they are missing items or have not handed in their Permission Slip, they will be sent home.
  • We are travelling by Skytrain and walking to BC Place Stadium.
    Please make sure that you bring $2.00 for travel to BC Place Stadium and another $2.00 for the return leg of this journey.
    Please bring exact change!!! Do not bring bills.
    The Cadets may also use a Compass card if they have one.
  • There will be no food or drink handed out at this event.
    Make sure you have a large supper prior to arriving at the Lansdowne SkyTrain.
    Also, you will need to pack a good snack and a drink in a small bag with their name on it.
    You are responsible for your bag.
    There will be an area to put these items down while we are on the field.
  • It is extremely important that you make sure that the Home phone number for your parent that we can get a hold of the easiest.
    A cell phone is the best.
    We try to estimate the return times as best we can but they are variable and we may need to call your parents to pick up you up early.
    It is extremely important that you make sure that you have an Alternate Contact listed on the form who does not live with you. This is in case we cannot reach your parents for some reason.
    If you are missing this information, you will not be allowed to go.
  • It is extremely important that you let us know if another parent is picking you up.
    You cannot tell us afterwards that you are riding with a friend's parents.
    We can only release a Cadet to his or her parents unless you have already cleared it with an Officer of the Corps prior to our outing.
    You MUST sign out before going home!!!!
  • It is extremely important that you have all your Service Dress (No.1) Uniform parts including Pea Coat and that they are clean, ironed, and looking immaculate. We will be on TV.
    Your Pea Coat must have your name in it. Too many times have we had to search for Cadets Pea Coats because they have no name. They all look the same and there are several other Corps at this event.
    For new Cadets who have not been issued a Uniform: You are to wear a white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. You may not wear jeans or leggings not T Shirts neither may you wear florescent shoes!
    If you are missing parts of your Uniform or not wearing proper attire, you will be sent home.
    All males or females with long hair, you must put your hair up in a bun with elastics and a hairnet the same color as your hair.
We are Saluting our Nation's Veterans which will seen on TV and we want to show them our respect for their sacrifices by looking and acting our best. They deserve it!!!!

Please ensure that all permission forms are handed in this coming Tuesday (October 29, 2019).

Any questions should be brought up the chain of command.
NLCC MJ Miller,
Oct 28, 2019, 11:11 PM