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012 - Commanding Officer Parade - Nov 5, 2019

posted Nov 4, 2019, 11:12 PM by NLCC MJ Miller   [ updated Jul 13, 2020, 5:27 PM ]
This Tuesday is a Commanding Officers Parade. What does that mean?

A Commanding Officer Parade is a formal parade where the Commanding Officer inspects the Ships' Company just like we would during our quarterly Inspection Parades. 
We also perform a March Past, an Advance in Review Order, and General Salute. These are all things you learned and practiced during the Onboard. 
Most of the time, it is only the Commanding Officer inspecting the Ships Company but there are times where other guests may also be invited to partake. Make sure that you dress and act appropriately.

It also means that we wear our formal Service Dress Uniforms (No. 1) consisting of:
  1. White Top with NLCC MJ Miller cap tally
  2. NLCC MJ Miller blue dress shirt with rank epaulets and lanyard if applicable
    If you are cold, you may wear your NLCC MJ Miller blue t shirt under the dress shirt
  3. Black dress trousers with white belt and brass buckle
  4. Black socks
  5. Polished black boots or shoes if your feet are too small to obtain boots (usually below size 3)
  6. Pea coat
  7. If your hair is longer than the bottom of your dress shirt collar, it must be put up in a bun with a hairnet and elastics that are the colour of your hair and your hair must be gelled back if you have fly away hairs on the sides. This includes male and female Cadets.
    NO ponytails!!
Most of the New Entry (NE) Cadets had their Service Dress (No. 1) Uniforms issued to them at the General Training Onboard last weekend.
If you are a New Entry (NE) and you did not come to the Onboard, you will have to follow the following dress standards:
  1. No head dress (no ball cap)
  2. White dress shirt with collar
    If you are cold, you may wear your a white t shirt under the dress shirt  
  3. Black dress pants
  4. Black belt
  5. Black socks
  6. Black dress shoes
Those of you without Service Dress (No. 1) Uniforms, during Stand Easy, you may see Stores to get fitted for your Service Dress (No. 1) Uniform as you should have attended the Onboard. Do not go to Stores at the beginning of the night or after the Parade.

After the parade, there will be regular training so be sure to bring your notebooks and pens or pencils for note taking. Remember that the things you learn in Training may be on your Promotions exams.