Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:
  1. Is this a Military program?

    No. Our Cadet program uses a Naval theme as a platform to develop patriotism, good citizenship, a sense of duty, self-discipline and respect for others. There is no association between Navy League Cadets and the Military and the Navy League Cadet Program receives no Military funding. Funding is provided through the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and the generous support of each Community. 

  2. Who can be a Navy League Cadet?

    Any child that:
    • Is between the ages of nine (9) and up to twelve (12) years old
    • Is a Canadian Citizen or a Landed Immigrant
    • Has a valid BC Medical Services Card
    • Has a valid Birth Certificate or valid Passport

  3. What do Navy League Cadets do?

    The Navy League Cadet program is designed to offer activities that are both fun and educational.

    As a Navy League Cadet, your child will get the opportunity to:

    • Learn about Boating and water safety
    • Go camping
    • Participate in Parades and other Community Events
    • Play sports
    • Learn knot tying, Communications, and other Seamanship skills
    • Go on Citizenship Tours and other trips
    • Our Corps offers a Marching Band, Choir, First Aid, Marksmanship,and Drill programs

  4. How much does the Navy League Cadet Program cost?

    Our Corps currently charges a fee of $100.00 per Cadet and $25.00 per additional Cadet sibling in the program.
    As a Navy League Cadet, they are provided with their Service Dress Uniform (for Parades and Special Occasions) as well as their usual Work Dress which is a NLCC MJ Miller T Shirt and NLCC MJ Miller ball cap.
    To help keep our fees as low as possible, the Cadets are expected to participate in various fundraising activities. Participating in these fundraising activities develops responsibility, community spirit, and work ethic in the Cadets.

  5. Who looks after the Navy League Cadets?

    The Navy League of Canada is a volunteer organization. The program is supervised by members of your community. Each volunteer has undergone Volunteer Screening and receives training from the Navy League. Safety is always paramount, and there is a First Aid qualified adult at every activity. 

    The Navy League of Canada is also committed to providing a learning and working environment for all persons that is free from harassment. The Navy League of Canada requires employees, Officers, Cadets, parents, volunteers, and all other visitors to conduct themselves in a manner which promotes and protects the best interests and well being of Cadets, Staff and volunteers.
    Allowances are made to respect cultural dress, and youth with disabilities are considered on a case by case basis.

    The Cadet training occurs in a highly structured environment that fosters the development of self-discipline, organization, leadership and teamwork. These traits will help your child become successful in whatever they would like to do later in life.

  6. How do I Register my child for Navy League Cadets?

    The best way to register is to come down to the Navy League Hall on one of our Regular Tuesday night parades at the Corps. That way you can see the other Cadets and what they do while your parents fill out the paperwork.

    You can also print off the forms from our site (there are a couple) and bring them in on one of our Regular Tuesday night parades.

    Or you can fill in our Online Form (here) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  7. What if my child is 12 or older?

    Children who are turning 12 years old by September 1 or are older than 12 years may join one of the senior Cadet Corps: Army, Air Force, or Sea Cadets.

    Our Sea Cadet Corps, 195 RCSCC Bicknell parade on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the Navy League Hall.

    For more information on Richmond's Sea Cadets, you can look at their website at, contact them by phone on Wednesday nights at (604) 270-3231, emailing them at, or come down to the Navy League Hall on Wednesday nights.

    For information on other Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps locations,
    please see their website at

    For information on Royal Canadian Army Cadets,
    please see their website at

    For information on Royal Canadian Air Cadets,
    please see their website at